Tools for Analysing Time Series of Satellite Imagery (TATSSI)



Install using Anaconda

You can install TATSSI on your favourite Linux distro or if you want to run it on Windows here you can follow the instructions to do it.

Downloading products from LP DAAC with TATSSI

Downloading products from the LP DAAC requires a NASA EarthData login. Please, first register as an EarthData user to get login credentials.


TATSSI is a set of software tools to analise Earth Observation (EO) data. It allows you to:

There are some Jupyter Notebooks associated to each module, here you can find a description of each one.

First workshop presentations (In Spanish)

Second workshop videos (In Spanish)

Some plots and presentations…


TATSSI is funded by “Convocatoria de Proyectos de Desarrollo Científico para Atender Problemas Nacionales 2016” Project No. 2760; P.I.: Inder Tecuapetla. Collaborators: Gerardo Lopez Saldana, Rainer Ressl and Isabel Cruz.